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2021 in Review

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2021 has come to a close and while the year certainly had its challenges, all-in-all it was a great year for Naborforce! We expanded to 6 new markets. We raised $2.5MM in new capital. We significantly grew our employee count. And our revenue grew by over 300%!

We made more connections than ever — we completed almost 10,000 visits! We kept seniors independent and connected at a time when we all learned how tough isolation can be. We provided backup and peace of mind to families who are stressed and sandwiched more than ever and looking for ways to keep their parents safe and happy. We did this, not on our own, but by harnessing the strength of the community. We called on our neighbors to step in and be that backup son or daughter. And guess what? They stepped up to the plate! Our “Nabors” are the most incredible, kind, and caring people who will tell you they get as much out of the interactions as the clients.

We joyfully accompanied clients to yard sales, fishing trips, museums, and the beauty parlor. We got them to important medical appointments. We made sure one client was able to continue her volunteer job of 30 years! We prepared and shared many meals; helped with puzzles and crafts. We took a client to their first ukulele lesson. We took another client to her very first swimming lesson — at age 78! We helped a number of clients get more confident with technology; we even helped a client “stream” the funeral of her sister.

And of course, we spent countless hours just visiting and providing companionship. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it is all about: connection, being present, and spreading JOY!

This year we will continue to do what we have been doing well now for 3 years. We will strive to delight our clients, their families and our Nabors. We expect demand to continue to grow. We are poised to meet the demand, both in our current markets, as well as continue to expand across the region, and ultimately, the country.

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