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A man is riding a bike on a hill.

As featured in:

A man is riding a bike on a hill.

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

A family sits at a thanksgiving dinner table.

Holidays always come with some level of drama built-in. A year ago, it was, “what embarrassing question is Aunt Bertha going to ask this year?” “Will Uncle Harry drink too much?” “Are Emily and Brent ever going to get married?” And surely, let’s not talk politics!

But this current pandemic has ushered in a whole new set of uncertainties and a different set of questions: Should we get together? What is the responsible thing to do? And if we do, are we putting our family or others at risk?

We are in a tough spot. We all crave connection and family, especially around the holidays. We know that there are certain risks that we should not take for ourselves, our families, and our communities, and we must weigh the relative consequences. Each family needs to do what feels most appropriate for them, as every family is different and has different dynamics. We must truly reflect and make informed decisions on what to do this holiday season so that we can enjoy time with family, but also help to quell this pandemic.

Yes, in some ways, Thanksgiving can be viewed as nothing more than a food frenzy (and, in the old days, a football and the Macy’s Parade), but at the core, it’s a time to refill our soul, to reconnect and spend time with those who are most important to us. We’re in unfamiliar territory, so it’s okay to feel uncertain about what to do, and even mourn the fact that this holiday season will be different.

Perhaps it’s safe for you to spend time with your household or a small amount of your family, and that’s great! But perhaps Thanksgiving this year looks like a Zoom or phone call with family members out of state. We at Naborforce firmly believe that connection comes in many forms, and we’ve seen the ways that it can be fostered without being physically present with one another. If there’s anything we know, it’s that regardless of how we celebrate with our families this year, that the most important we all come together will be spiritually and emotionally.

We all want to get past this pandemic and be able to freely gather with family and friends again. After all, that’s the driving idea behind Naborforce: coming together and connecting with one another. Until then, however, we hope you make the choices right for you and your family and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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