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The Naborforce Story is Inspired by JOY

A vision and an “aha” moment.

OUR FOUNDER. Born and raised in Richmond, Founder, Paige Wilson, has enjoyed a successful career in finance, holding senior positions ranging from Managing Director in investment banking to CFO of a Fortune 1000 company.  A few years ago, while managing her career and raising her own family, she was faced with becoming the primary caregiver for her mother.  She learned first hand how stressful it could be on both the family and the parent.  It was difficult watching her mother lose access to things that were important and valuable to her.  Equally as heartbreaking was knowing that her mother sensed she was a burden, even though the family tried their best not to let on.

After her mother passed away, Paige had a vision that she could combine her business background with her passion to help other seniors and their families reduce that stress and restore joy in the aging process.  It was an “aha” moment when she determined that the new “gig economy” offered the perfect solution.  Naborforce was born as a platform for connecting aging adults needing light support and companionship with compassionate people right in the community seeking flexible income as well as a desire to stay connected and help our aging population.

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“My mother was one of the most joyous people you could have ever known. She possessed a zest for life and lit up the room wherever she went.  She was never wealthy by traditional measures, but was genuinely thankful for everything she had. Her straightforward manner, dry sense of humor and Lucille Ball-like antics drew people to her.”
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Our Vision

We are just beginning our journey to promote engaged, productive and connected aging and living.  Naborforce has a very strong corporate culture – one based on compassion and community, but also on structure and professionalism.  Because of our founder’s background in the large corporate arena, she believes a strong infrastructure is critical to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our clients and our company.

Meet the Team

It takes a village to build a Naborhood!  We are a lean organization, but growing rapidly.  We are judicious in partnering with people and firms that share our vision.

Paige Wilson

Paige Wilson


Cary Wyatt | Senior Home Help

Cary Wyatt

Chief Community Officer

Kelly Johnson headshot

Kelly Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Jones

Head of Software Engineering

Wendy Connell

Head of Marketing

Brin Philips

Brin Philips

Director of Growth and Naborhood Operations

Leiding Taylor

Leiding Taylor

Launch Team Manager

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