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Help for Seniors at Home: An Alternative to Traditional Elderly Assistance

As our parents start to enter a certain stage in life, it can sometimes become a bit challenging to provide them with the support they need while also managing our own busy lives. Many older adults simply require a helping hand with everyday tasks like grocery shopping, meal preparation and basic household chores. These tasks might seem simple, but they can often add stress to families who are already juggling careers and raising kids. It’s no surprise that many family caregivers are burning out.

The option of professional in-home care for seniors is available but is often considerably more than is needed, can be quite expensive and may sometimes feel impersonal. Most of these daily tasks and the social interaction seniors need don’t necessarily require a highly skilled elder care professional. What if there was a more accessible way to find elderly assistance for our aging loved ones? Someone who isn’t as formal as a professional caregiver but is just as compassionate and caring as a family member?

In this blog, let’s explore the upsides and downsides of traditional in-home elderly care provided by family members and professional caregivers. We’ll also introduce a timely alternative that bridges the gap between relatives and professional caregivers.

Traditional Home Help for Seniors: Family Caregivers vs. Professional Caregivers

As we all grow older, the need for support becomes increasingly apparent. Typically, providing help with seniors at home falls on two groups: family members or professional caregivers. Both play crucial roles in the lives of older adults as they age, but each option comes with its own set of benefits and challenges that deserve thoughtful consideration.

Family Caregivers: Personal but Challenging

Family caregivers, often adult children, bring a personal touch to providing home help for senior parents. Their deep understanding of the senior’s history, personality and preferences can create a comforting, familiar environment. However, this arrangement isn’t always ideal due to several factors:

  • Geographical Distance: Adult children may not live near their senior parents, making regular support complicated or even impossible.
  • Time Constraints: Balancing caregiving with other personal and professional responsibilities can be overwhelming.
  • Emotional Complexities: The dynamics of an adult child caring for their senior parent can sometimes lead to a strained relationship.
  • Limited Skills: Family caregivers aren’t professionally trained in senior care, so they may not be fully equipped to handle certain conditions or circumstances.
  • Financial Impact: Family caregivers often incur personal expenses as their parents become more dependent, in addition to losing income from taking time off from work.

These factors can lead to stress and tension, impacting both the caregiver’s and the senior’s well-being. While the role of family caregivers is invaluable, it’s crucial to recognize the pressures and constraints that come with it. Balancing the emotional bond with the practical aspects of assistance for seniors living at home can be a delicate task.

Professional Caregivers: Skilled but Costly

On the other hand, professional caregivers provide a higher level of home care for elderly adults, which can be a significant relief for families. Their training and experience in handling various aspects of senior care provide peace of mind. However, this professionalism comes with its own set of drawbacks:

  • Cost: While they offer specialized skills, the services of professional caregivers can be expensive, posing a financial challenge for many families. Adding to the cost is the fact that most professional caregivers require contracts and shift minimums.
  • Emotional Distance: Unlike family members, professional caregivers often don’t have a lot in common with the seniors they assist. They typically don’t have the same ties to the community or common bonds that family has. The help provided ends up feeling more heavy handed and “prescribed,” often leading seniors to feel a loss of dignity and autonomy.
  • Dependence: There’s a risk that seniors may become overly reliant on professional caregivers, which could reduce their desire to take an active role in their self care.

While professional caregivers offer specialized skills and consistency, the cost and lack of a personal connection can be significant factors for families to consider. Choosing the right type of care requires balancing these various aspects to find the best fit for the senior’s needs and your family’s situation.

Next, we’ll discuss a new form of home help for seniors that fills the gap between family and professional caregiving: on-demand assistance for seniors living at home.

A Timely Alternative: On-demand Assistance for Seniors Living at Home

When family members and friends aren’t available, and professional caregiving is more than what an older adult needs, consider reaching out to Naborforce.

At Naborforce, we’ve developed a platform that connects seniors with “Nabors” – local, kind-hearted individuals who are happy to provide assistance for seniors living at home. They’re neither related nor professionally trained; Nabors are occasional helpers that provide in-home assistance for seniors, just like a nieghbor would. They offer a balance of warmth and practical help.

Trust is at the heart of every strong relationship, a principle we deeply value and uphold. That said, we’re very selective about who can be a Nabor. Our exclusive Peace of Mind Vetting Process includes:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Extensive criminal background checks across all 50 states
  • Motor vehicle record screening
  • Industry-leading liability insurance
  • Insured and bonded

The help that Nabors provide enables seniors to age independently and joyfully while giving family members peace of mind. Our Nabors are an enthusiastic group of community-minded individuals, including empty-nesters, retirees, teachers, students and more, all dedicated to providing neighborly help to seniors around town. Here are some of the ways Nabors can provide assistance for seniors living at home:

Household Help for Seniors

  • Meal Preparation: Assistance with cooking or preparing meals.
  • Light Housekeeping: Keeping the living space tidy and safe.
  • Simple Tech Assistance: Helping seniors navigate devices like cell phones.
  • Downsizing and Organizing: Managing clutter and organizing living spaces.

Errand Help for Seniors

  • Medical Appointments: Transportation and companionship to doctor’s appointments.
  • Grocery Shopping: Assistance with shopping and managing groceries.
  • Social Outings: Accompanying seniors on social trips to get them outside of their homes.
  • Salon/Barber Appointments: Ensuring seniors can get to and from appointments.

Companionship for Seniors

  • Engaged Conversation: Offering meaningful social interaction.
  • Games, Cards, Puzzles: Engaging in enjoyable activities.
  • Shared Hobbies: Participating in shared interests.
  • Friendly Check-ins: Regular visits to ensure well-being.

Find a Nabor Near You

Currently, Naborforce is bringing JOY in these locations:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Bethesda, MD
  3. Charlotte, NC
  4. Charlottesville, VA
  5. Dallas, TX
  6. Fort Worth, TX
  7. Northern Virginia
  8. Raleigh, NC
  9. Richmond, VA
  10. Virginia Beach

Don’t see your community? Reach out to [email protected] to let us know where you need a Nabor. If we’re in your area, booking a Nabor is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Sign Up: Sign up online in minutes or call (844) 696-2267 to register yourself or a loved one.
  • Book a Visit: Whenever you or your loved one needs a helping hand, schedule a visit online or by phone.
  • Relax: A trusted Nabor will arrive as planned with a smile, ready to offer help for seniors at home.

Naborforce makes it simple to connect senior loved ones to vetted Nabors right in their community. Unlike formal in-home care services for seniors, there are no contracts or long-term commitments; simply schedule a visit whenever you need it! Sign up today to get the help you need, when you need it.

While Naborforce provides a wide range of services, our Nabors do not provide personal care (e.g., bathing, feeding, assistance with toileting, medication management). Should you or a loved one need these types of services, please contact a home care agency.

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See how quick, safe, and easy it is to get a helping hand

Interested in learning more?

Join the 1,000's who trust Naborforce

Note: Please enter the zip code of the person who would be receiving services.

See how quick, safe, and easy it is to get a helping hand