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A man is riding a bike on a hill.

As featured in:

A man is riding a bike on a hill.

The Future is in the Home

Two hands holding a model of a house.

It’s no secret to anyone in the longevity space, the future is in the home. It’s where 9 out of 10 older adults want to age. It’s where an estimated $265 billion of care will be delivered by 2029. Healthcare companies know that bringing care to the home improves outcomes. Yet, the shortage of healthcare […]

2021 in Review

A collage of pictures of older people.

2021 has come to a close and while the year certainly had its challenges, all-in-all it was a great year for Naborforce! We expanded to 6 new markets. We raised $2.5MM in new capital. We significantly grew our employee count. And our revenue grew by over 300%! We made more connections than ever — we completed […]


An older man and a young boy are preparing vegetables in the kitchen.

Food ~ a love-hate relationship. Food is essential for living your best healthy life. We ensure our kids are eating healthy for proper growth by studying labels and ingredients on items at the store, making sure there is a vegetable on the plate, and eating from a colorful variety of foods. This often changes as […]

What is the ideal age to retire? Never.

A man in an apron is serving food to a woman.

(This week’s BLOG POST is an excerpt from an post) If you want to live a satisfying, long life, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin has some advice for you: Stay busy. What is the ideal age to retire? Never. Even if you’re physically impaired, it’s best to keep working, either in a job or as a […]

Lock Out Encore

Stainless steel door knob for sale in san diego, california.

Have you got one of these? It’s a doorknob with a lock on the inside (privacy lock) usually found on bathroom or bedroom doors.  This one happens to be the door to our powder room. My LO inadvertently locked it. Fortunately, he was on the outside. The little hole you see is a safety mechanism […]

Got Vaccine? Now What?

A woman is getting a vaccine from a doctor.

With vaccines finally being distributed across the country, many Americans are eager to stop wearing masks and return to normal life. Some may be tempted to rush out to see friends and family, even after receiving just the first dose. Remember, the vaccine does not produce antibodies until approximately two weeks after being received. But […]

Kindness: A Key to Longevity

Two children sitting on a log in a park.

“The key to our success is not the survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the friendliest.” That quote from Jamil Zaki, neuroscientist and associate psychology professor at Stanford, could not express it any better. At 106, Betty Lowe is definitely a survivor and still going strong. She volunteers at a local hospital in Greater […]

Connection, the Antidote to Loneliness

An elderly woman leaning out of a window.

Connection is an incredibly powerful word. Before COVID-19, many people may have taken it for granted or failed to consider how fundamental it is in our lives. Forming connections and bonds with others is the essence of humanity. It fills our soul, it grounds us and helps us feel a part of the larger community. […]

O Christmas Tree

A christmas tree decorated with ornaments.

Growing up, holidays were a big deal in the Hunnicutt household. No matter how small the occasion, my parents went out of their way to turn them into a celebration, each with its own traditions designed to make us feel special and loved.  As in many families, it was my mother who was mistress of […]

Holiday Traditions

A man and woman posing in front of a building.

Holiday tradition is deep rooted in the Barden household. My mom’s birthday is on Christmas Eve and each year that makes Christmas time more special. She is from an Italian family and grew up with the family tradition of eating an assortment of Italian food, including pasta and cannoli’s, on both Christmas Eve and Christmas […]

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