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Holiday Memories

A photo of a little girl with blonde hair.

This holiday season looks very different from years past. However, in the crevices of my mind, I can reignite my own memories of Christmases past. All these memories are in focus and predominantly involve my mom. She epitomized the proverb of “it’s better to give than to receive.”  She always searched for the perfect gift, […]

Tangible and Intangible Marks Left Behind

A person holding a book with the word 'admissions' on it.

Contributed by Nabor Amy Brachman Last night, Bebe and I were talking about sending holiday cards. And how losing her sight has made it so that she really doesn’t send them anymore. And I was telling her about my friend Art. And how some of my favorite days spent together were going through his book. […]

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

A family sits at a thanksgiving dinner table.

Holidays always come with some level of drama built-in. A year ago, it was, “what embarrassing question is Aunt Bertha going to ask this year?” “Will Uncle Harry drink too much?” “Are Emily and Brent ever going to get married?” And surely, let’s not talk politics! But this current pandemic has ushered in a whole […]

Fostering Connections

Two women wearing face masks in front of a car.

In March, when news spread of a nationwide lockdown, and the need to quarantine and self-isolate, it was a lot to grasp.  The idea of isolating yourself at home likely felt lonely and like the last thing you’d want to do. After all, we are social creatures, and often it’s our family, friends, and community […]

Strong-Willed Parent?

A young girl leaning over a stack of books.

You may remember your toddler exclaiming, “I do it myself!” From a very young age, they yearned for their own space and independence. Now, you hear your parents protest that they don’t need help; they demand their independence. It’s only natural. It’s human nature. But is independence the holy grail that we all seek? Turns […]

Care Comes in Many Forms

Four baby birds in a nest in a wooden box.

“Care” is an interesting word – it’s both a noun and a verb. We can care about someone and we can care for someone, and it’s really hard to do one without the other. When someone tries to care for someone without actually caring about them, it turns into nothing more than a task, with […]

Feeling the Squeeze?

A family eats breakfast in front of a clock.

Feeling the squeeze? No wonder. The “Sandwich Generation” — women and men aged 45-54 who are balancing the demands of growing children and aging parents — report the highest level of stress of any age group. When you add in distance between relatives, divorce, familial discord, and now COVID-19, the stress level goes even higher! […]

Simon Sinek and the Theory of Why

A group of people smiling in a circle.

I was recently reflecting on Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” as it relates to leadership and instilling WHY in your culture. Our WHY is very clear – Naborforce was founded to bring joy to older adults. It underlies everything we do and will be integral to our culture as we continue to grow. “People don’t […]

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