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Care Comes in Many Forms

Bird's Nest

“Care” is an interesting word – it’s both a noun and a verb. We can care about someone and we can care for someone, and it’s really hard to do one without the other. When someone tries to care for someone without actually caring about them, it turns into nothing more than a task, with no real connection or bond.

This is what really sets Naborforce apart. We care about our clients first, which in turn allows us to care for them. We see it every day. For example, we may be visiting a client first and foremost to help them make a meal, but ultimately, we are also making connections and enriching their lives.

One of our Nabors, Dana, used to visit a client, Dave, once or twice a week for just an hour or two. Dave had one son who traveled frequently so having a Nabor stop by, help with dinner, and visit was a real lifesaver. Dave knew his dad could certainly stay by himself, but it gave him confidence and comfort to know that his dad was cared for and not alone.

One afternoon, while sitting and chatting, Dana asked Dave about the birdhouse in the front yard. Dave lit up as he began talking about how he and his deceased wife enjoyed watching the bluebirds build nests in early Spring. But he lamented that the birdhouse was in disrepair and that snakes and squirrels kept getting all the eggs.

So Dana took out her phone, Googled how to keep predators out, and when she came for the next visit, she brought the tools to allow her and Dave to repair the birdhouse. Together, they began to keep an eye out for signs of activity.

And sure enough, before long, there was a nest, and in it were five tiny blue eggs. They had their fingers crossed that their repairs would do the job of keeping predators away.

Success – a few weeks later the eggs hatched! “Project Bluebird” was a success. Dana and Dave had hearts filled with warmth to see the optimism and joy of new life and their bond grew even stronger after sharing this small project. Only by really caring about Dave was Dana able to care for him so well.

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