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Six Ways to Honor Senior Veterans this Memorial Day

Father, grandfather and son grilling together at garden BBQ. Three generations of men at summer family garden party.

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and with it comes a civic duty to remember the true reason behind the holiday – honoring our brave veterans. At Naborforce, we’re passionate about empowering independent aging in America, and grateful for those seniors who fought in the armed forces to preserve these freedoms. This Memorial Day, consider taking […]

The Remarkable Impact of Positivity and Purpose on Longevity

Purpose Matters

You’ve seen those interviews where the 100-year-old is asked for “their secret” to a long life. The answers are almost always about their attitude and daily habits, even as the years go by. Not only is the centenarian right about it in their own case, they are right about how important an optimistic attitude about […]

Meet our new Chief Joy Officer – Daisy Wilson!

Naborforce Introduces a New Executive Leader, Chief Joy Officer Daisy Wilson Richmond, Virginia In a pawsitively delightful turn of events, Naborforce, a tech-enabled platform connecting seniors with nearby community helpers, is excited to announce the newest addition to its executive team: a four-legged, tail-wagging Chief Joy Officer (CJO) named Daisy Wilson. “Daisy brings a fresh […]

10 Tips on How to be “Neighborly” to Older Adults

Being Neighborly

Our entire business is built around our Nabors being “neighborly.” But all of us have the opportunity to be good neighbors to the older adults in our lives. Being “neighborly” to an older adult generally means showing kindness, consideration and support towards them — just as you would with any neighbor. For older adults, though, […]

Overcoming Loneliness: A Refreshing Take on Traditional Companion Care

Have you found yourself thinking, “My elderly mother is lonely, I wish she had more sources of joy and companionship”? At Naborforce, we completely understand the concerns of adult children when it comes to their aging loved ones. Our mission is centered around connecting older adults with caring, reliable community members (Nabors) who bring happiness […]

Help for Seniors at Home: An Alternative to Traditional Elderly Assistance

As our parents start to enter a certain stage in life, it can sometimes become a bit challenging to provide them with the support they need while also managing our own busy lives. Many older adults simply require a helping hand with everyday tasks like grocery shopping, meal preparation and basic household chores. These tasks […]

7 Signs it’s Time to Have “The Talk” about Driving

One of the harder conversations adult children have with an older parent, relative or loved one is about giving up the car keys. We all treasure our independence, and driving often symbolizes freedom and self-reliance. So it should come as no surprise that older adults are reluctant to give it up. It takes away their control and […]

Learning to Navigate Long Distance Caregiving

Learning how to help elderly parents from a distance is top-of-mind for many families amid a rapidly aging population. With the 65 and older population in the US skyrocketing five times faster than the total population, families, especially those who live far away, are on the hunt for trustworthy care options for their elderly parents. […]

The Future is Arriving Now!

2024 is Here

Many companies start the new year by recounting all the achievements and successes they achieved over the prior 12 months. We had more than our fair share, thanks to our clients, Nabors and team members. But as I reflect on 2023, I am struck by a number of significant external milestones that further convince us […]

How to Protect Your Senior Parents from Holiday Scammers

In this blog, we'll explore some of the common scams, learn how to recognize them and uncover essential strategies to protect your older parents from these holiday scammers.

As the holiday season joyfully approaches, our elderly parents deserve to be surrounded by warmth and happiness, not nefarious scammers looking to get one over on them. With a recent study revealing that scammed holiday shoppers lost an average of $1500 last year, the need for vigilance is more apparent than ever. During this festive […]

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Interested in learning more?

Join the 1,000's who trust Naborforce

Note: Please enter the zip code of the person who would be receiving services.

See how quick, safe, and easy it is to get a helping hand