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A man is riding a bike on a hill.

As featured in:

A man is riding a bike on a hill.

Feeling the Squeeze?

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Feeling the squeeze? No wonder. The “Sandwich Generation” — women and men aged 45-54 who are balancing the demands of growing children and aging parents — report the highest level of stress of any age group. When you add in distance between relatives, divorce, familial discord, and now COVID-19, the stress level goes even higher!

If you are caught in this generational in-between space, you understand how hard it can be. Taking a look at the macro trends can help put it all in perspective. In fact, the statistics are rather eye-opening:

  • 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 EVERY single day for the next 10 years.
  • The number of seniors over 80 will TRIPLE in the next 3 decades.
  • 9 out of 10 seniors want to age in their homes – and family has always been that first line of support.
  • However, families continue to get smaller in size. 10 years ago, there were eight family members for every senior over 80. In a few decades, that number will be down to just three.
  • And many of those family members seemingly available to help may have moved away or still have children at home.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to see what’s happening. So, the question becomes: What’s the solution? And unfortunately, that’s not exactly clear. Someone is going to need to help take care of our parents – and us – as we get older. But who? With fewer family members to help, where do we turn? One trend we are seeing is a return to members of the community stepping in to support one another.

Communities have come together throughout time, and now it is more important than ever. That’s Naborforce’s vision. Our network of Nabors is made up of compassionate people with a common desire to support the older adults in their communities. It’s okay to ask for help. Leaning on Nabors for backup for just a few hours here and there can make a big difference not just by bringing JOY to your parents, but also by reducing your own stress level.

And here’s the thing – the reciprocity of connection goes both ways. Our Nabors reap just as many benefits as you and your parents; they are enriched by both giving and receiving in the community ecosystem. So harness that strength of community and let our team of experienced, caring Nabors support you and your parents.

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