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Giving Back: Volunteer Opportunities During the Holidays

Volunteer opportunities near you during the holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s a time of celebration, gift-giving and eating delicious food, it’s also a time to reflect on the spirit of giving. But holiday spirit isn’t just about wrapping gifts or decorating the tree, it’s about extending a hand to those who may need a little extra love and support.

Volunteering is the heartwarming secret ingredient that brings the true essence of the holidays to life. Not only does volunteering bring joy to others, but it can also warm your heart and create lasting memories. Plus, here’s a delightful twist: volunteering isn’t just about giving back; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to bond with family and friends. In this blog, we’ll dive into some volunteering opportunities for you to explore during the holidays.

1. Find Food Drives and Soup Kitchens Near You

If you’ve ever wondered what’s cooking in the world of volunteering, food drives and soup kitchens are where the magic happens. According to the Meals on Wheels Report on Hunger in Older Adults, “more than 10 million older Americans (16% of older adults) face hunger each year.” It’s a staggering statistic—and one that you can directly contribute to alleviating.

This year, find ways to donate your time with nonprofits like Feeding America. Or, you can find a food pantry near you and contribute to the preparation of warm meals and food supplies to families who might be feeling a little empty in the pantry department. Trust us; it’s a recipe for heartwarming holiday vibes.

2. Local and National Toy Drives

Remember the joy of unwrapping your favorite toy as a kid? Well, there are kiddos out there who deserve that magic too. Organizations like Toys for Tots run incredible toy drives during the holiday season. Volunteer your time by helping sort and distribute donated toys, making sure that every child has a smile on their face on Christmas morning.

3. Homeless Shelters

Winter isn’t just about snuggling by the fire; it’s also about lending a helping hand to those who might not have a cozy fireplace to call their own. Volunteering at local homeless or women’s shelters is a compassionate way to provide warmth, shelter and a hot meal to those in need. You can offer your time in various ways, from serving meals to organizing clothing donations or even just lending a listening ear to someone who may be feeling lonely during the holidays.

4. Animal Shelters

While we’re in the spirit of giving, don’t forget our furry friends. Animal shelters like the SPCA are always in need of cuddle-worthy volunteers to help care for and socialize with the adorable residents. You can spend your holiday season cuddling kittens, walking dogs or assisting with adoption events. Not only does this provide much-needed support to these shelters, but it also allows you to bond with some adorable animals.

5. Senior Centers

For many seniors, the holiday season can feel like a bit of a solo act. By volunteering at senior living communities, you can bring the party to them. Organize parties, play games or just be a friendly face. It’s a golden opportunity to create connections and share some heartwarming stories.

6. Paid Volunteer Opportunities

Ah, and here comes the icing on the holiday cake! While many volunteer roles remain unpaid, some sweeten the deal by offering compensation like paid living expenses and stipends. If you’re keen on making a difference while beefing up your holiday budget for presents and eggnog, explore organizations such as Peace Corps, WWOOF, and of course, Naborforce.

Depending on your situation, there are fantastic opportunities to not only make an impact in your local (or non-local) community but also to share your skills and passion with others. These experiences knit together a tight-knit, supportive network where everyone has each other’s backs when it matters most.

Check out Indeed’s comprehensive guide to learn more about paid volunteer opportunities.


So, whether you’re wrapping presents, serving meals, or playing bingo with seniors, remember that the spirit of giving knows no bounds during the holidays. By volunteering, you’re not only making a positive impact on others but also creating heartwarming memories that will stay with you long after the holiday season has passed.

Your efforts, no matter how small, can brighten someone’s day and make the holiday season truly special. So, let’s make this holiday season the most wonderful time of the year for everyone, by sharing our time, love and goodwill with those who need it the most.


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