Meet Our Nabors

Friendly faces who help with every day tasks, errands, and companionship


"I appreciate the flexible and rewarding work and very much respect the mission of the company. Plus, I love meeting new and interesting people which has certainly been the case thus far!"


"To me being a Nabor means providing companionship to some of our most vulnerable citizens. Elderly loved ones receiving reliable care from someone outside of their immediate family is an extremely valuable service.”


“ It is important to me to know that aging adults have an opportunity to get help from an organization of workers that put love and compassion first. Sometimes an hour or two gives a person just enough strength to go on! I am happy to be a part of an organization that restores JOY to the community and the faces of aging adults and their families!


“Every visit is a blessing for me as I feel helpful and excited through my Nabor interactions. The Naborforce model and the relationships that are created are beautiful things that I am proud to be a part of!”

Kate K.

"I like being a Nabor because I am very close to my immediate and extended family. This opportunity allows me to talk and support others as if they were my extended family."


"Joining NaborForce has been an added blessing in my life. I love spending time chatting together and being helpful to wonderful seniors in our community. Growing older should never feel like a burden and NaborForce fosters these special relationships between our generations.”


"Working for Naborforce has truly been a gift to me. I am grateful for the new friends I have made in the process. I honestly do not feel like it is a job. It feels like a privilege!”


“It makes my heart smile to bring happiness to someone else who is not able to do things they used to. Naborforce is a win-win for the Nabor and the client!”


" I enjoy my time with her and her furry family member, and I hope I am providing some bright moments in her day. I am thankful for the opportunity to visit her a few days per week."


“Getting to meet people in their homes, hearing their stories and getting to help in all kinds of ways makes being a Nabor fun! I feel privileged to be a part of our clients' days, and hope that I am able to bring them a little of the sunshine they bring me every visit.”


Naborforce has brought so much joy to my life. I look forward to my visits because each one feels like an adventure. I enjoy meeting new people and listening to their stories.


"I feel very fortunate to be a Nabor at Naborforce! My interactions with the clients are a win-win. I am able to provide various services for clients, but receive so much in return! The clients bring so much JOY into the world and I'm happy to be a part of this great organization."


"I enjoy being useful and helping others. I love listening to their stories. I think it has given me more awareness about the value of connecting with others, especially as we age."

Sarah W.

"I love being a Nabor! I thoroughly enjoy lending a helping hand to those in our community who need our help. Spending time with our amazing clients is so special, especially because I know that I’m helping them maintain their desired independent lifestyles."


“I am a Nabor because I enjoy helping others. I have always been able to build trust and relationships with those people that I have assisted.”


“I think it's a fantastic concept that really helps bridge the gap for families and individuals who are between full independence and more definitive daily care. When I'm with clients I can sense that they are having a great time just getting out and having a little conversation with others.”

Elizabeth B.

"I really enjoy my clients and hearing about their backgrounds and lives. Also enjoy the feeling of being helpful and needed. I love sharing my knowledge with others and having inspiring conversations."


"I am a mom of three - I have been home with my children since my first was born and after lots of volunteering, I am now ready to get out of my house for some part time work. With Naborforce I can be flexible with my hours and help others at the same time! I am so happy to be a part of Naborforce - such a wonderful addition to our community!"

Elizabeth B.

"I love being a Nabor because I enjoy spending time with clients and making them feel happy. It is heartwarming to work with our clients and give a little independence back to their lives. I wish this had been around when my grandmother was living alone, it would have brought her JOY!"


"I love working for Naborforce because we create a solution for older adults in our community and their family members so that both can rest assured that they’re in good hands. Our clients are so appreciative and sweet! Clients love getting some independence back with a Nabor and we both get to make a new friend.”

Robin K.

"In addition to lending a helping hand to independent seniors, Naborforce also offers a wonderful opportunity for people who want to connect and give back to the community. I’m looking forward to bringing this valuable service to life in Charlottesville."


"I love being a Nabor! It brings me so much joy knowing that I'm helping others. I look forward to meeting more people, both Nabors and clients, and building a Naborforce community in Charlottesville."


“Being a Nabor is rewarding to me, and I look forward to meeting and assisting new friends.”


“It has been a gift to be able to step away from caring for my own parents from time to time and help others! Naborforce has given me some much needed perspective!”


“I love helping others! Whether it’s assisting with household duties, running errands or just hanging out, I’m happy being someone’s right arm. Bringing help to others brings me joy in return. Naborforce gives me the opportunity to continue being there for those who need a little extra help in life.”


“We truly enjoy each-others company, and this just one of the reasons I love working for Naborforce. We are standing in the gap for families when they need that little extra help.”


“It feels great to be a Nabor. I love listening to their stories!”


“Helping my stepmom with my dad through some tough times made me understand how important it is for family members to have a person they can trust to be with mom or dad. It gives them that much needed break to do other things they might want or need to do. Understanding all that makes Naborforce very rewarding, and fun, to help others in those times.”


“The great benefit of being a Nabor is meeting wonderful people and it’s just fun! The clients really open up to you.”


“For fun, and for the reward of giving back, I am a proud Nabor to Ann Jones and others in our area. I am so proud of Paige and the phenomenal service that she and the rest of us are able to provide to wonderful folks who sometimes just need a bit of help and love!”


“I wish that I made a commitment like this earlier in my life. Naborforce provides a natural heartfelt service that can't be taught!"


“Our clients are accomplished people who have led rich, interesting lives. I really enjoy their stories and insights. It’s a privilege to be allowed into their world, to share a laugh, and to help in any way I can. I bring my “on game” to client visits, offering a change from the normal routines and interactions. Clients tell me they feel more in control and independent. And that’s a win for everyone!”


“I'm a strong believer in service and in being there for family, friends and neighbors. Sometimes, just being there for people is what they need. Naborforce offers a structure that can connect me with people who want or need someone to be present, whether that is companionship or help with some task.”


"As a retired Social Worker, I enjoy providing socialization and support to people in a way that helps them to have the best quality of life possible. Being a Nabor is a great way to support people in our community.”


“That’s the idea of the business! Something that a neighbor would do for you. It’s just a good way to connect people, like me, that want to help people and others that need some extra help.”

Mary Vaughn

“It not only lifts up those in need, but it fills my soul with pure joy. Every client I meet is like a new friend with so much to share. In the short time that I’ve been doing this, I have had so many beautiful worlds open up to me. I look forward to each and every new encounter; it’s a gift that gives both ways!”