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Nabor FAQs

Becoming a Nabor might be the most rewarding way you spend time and get paid!

Everything about it is on your terms: when you work, how often, where, and even to some extent, who you serve. You’ll discover after your first visit that it’s a part-time job you’ll love that will love you back. Because of the nature of how our clients use us on an as-needed basis, most Nabors go on visits a couple of time a week. If you are looking for a regular schedule of 20 hours or more per week, this may not be the right fit for you – or you can always do it on your off times! Here are some FAQs you might have. Be sure to read the FAQs for the clients, too.

Our Nabors come from all walks of life and have unique strengths and capabilities. But one thing they all share is a compassionate and kind heart when it comes to older adults. And a willingness to lend a friendly hand to those who need one. If that describes you, then you’re well on your way to become a perfect Nabor.

To be considered to be a Nabor, you will need to

  • Complete the online application
  • Have a one-on-one interview with us
  • Undergo a comprehensive background check including a motor vehicle screen (anticipate 7+ years of history)
  • Maintain a valid car registration, driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Know how to download and operate the Naborforce App on an iPhone or Android phone

The services you would provide as a Nabor support older adults in the gap between full independence and when they may require a higher level of care. Naborforce is not an at-home non-medical or home care agency. We do not provide any services that require specialized education, training or certification.

Our Nabors do the sort of things a neighbor might help with! Nabors love the variety – some visits may entail helping sort through and organize photo albums, some may include an outing for a milkshake, some may include working on a shared hobby together.

Here is a list of things that you may be asked to do:

  • Meal prep and cleanup
  • Light housekeeping (e.g. laundry, changing linens, sweeping the stoop, emptying the trash and recycling)
  • Companionship/socialization in and outside of the home
  • Other light assistance around the home (e.g. organizing, decorating, changing light bulbs)
  • Arts, crafts and games
  • Help with pets
  • Help with technology (not highly technical)
  • Help with correspondence
  • Running errands with or on the behalf of the client
  • Accompanied transportation to medical appointments and procedures
  • Accompanied transportation for grocery shopping, social events, shopping outings, lunches, visits to the museum

While we tell clients about the services we DO NOT provide, sometimes they’ll ask anyway. If a client requests any of the services below, you’ll need to explain that we are not permitted to perform them, in many cases for their own safety. You’ll also want to let the Naborhood Team know of the request. Should the client have any questions or need additional clarification regarding our scope, please have them contact Naborforce.

  • Bathing
  • Feeding
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Assistance with toileting
  • Safe transfers (e.g., moving non-ambulatory Clients from bed to wheelchair)
  • Wound care
  • Offering medical advice
  • Medication administration or management
  • Managing personal finances
  • Heavy housekeeping (e.g. cleaning bathrooms, deep cleaning, dealing with soiled linens)
  • Skilled handyman services (e.g. plumbing, electrical)

Yes, the app is how you will set your schedule and be assigned client visits. Without it, you won’t be able to lend a helping hand to our clients.


Most clients use us on an as-needed basis and most Nabors value flexible schedules, so exclusive client/Nabor connections are rare. However, for Nabors who have recurring availability, they often find that they are matched with a client with recurring visits. No matter the circumstances, we can assure you Nabors love the connections and friendships they make through our platform.


The great thing about being a Nabor is that you set your own availability and work when you want and when a client visit is needed. That means you can work as much or as little as possible. With our app, you will be able to set your availability to go on visits. It’s important to keep your availability up to date for the upcoming five days, but you can update it at any time and as often as you desire.


Nabors are under no obligation to provide availability on any holiday — or any day for that matter — but if they so choose, there may be visit opportunities. Certain holidays may even provide higher hourly pay.


Yes, like all aspects of being a Nabor, you decide. Right now, that’s handled by you indicating how many miles from your location you’re willing travel to provide services.


Naborforce will compensate you for miles driven while on the visit at a rate of .62 cents per mile. That means, if the client asks you to take them somewhere, we’ll cover those miles. This does not include driving to and from the client. In order to have your miles accurately calculated, you will need to have location services turned on in the app.


Nabors are paid hourly. We have a one hour minimum per visit and prorate every five minutes after the initial hour. You will be paid via automatic electronic deposit into your bank on the 5th of each month for the prior month’s earnings.

You also may be required to file income taxes for being a Nabor. Nabors are considered independent contractors. That means, if you meet the paid income threshold for the tax year, you will receive a 1099-NEC form from Naborforce.


Keeping our clients safe and well is important, so we don’t want you to go on a visit if you are unwell. And we know sometimes things come up unexpectedly. Through our app you can let us know if you must cancel and it will automatically try to find a replacement Nabor to cover for you. This feature is to be used only for true conflicts. Cancelling at the last minute can often leave a client in a bad position (such as missing an important medical appointment).


If it’s an emergency health issue, call 911 immediately. Once you become a Nabor, you’ll get The Naborforce Way which provides additional guidance on how to handle other situations that might come up. Bottom line, our support team is available at 844-MYNABOR.


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