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Naborforce Expands Operations to Raleigh-Wake County Area to Meet Increased Demand for Social Engagement and Support for Older Adults

RICHMOND, Va., March 23, 2021 – Naborforce, a fast-growing company designed to connect aging adults to a network of trusted care providers for companionship and on-demand support, announced today that it will expand its geographic reach in March by adding services in the Raleigh-Wake County area.

The demand for social engagement, care, and support provided by Naborforce, which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, has nearly tripled in the past six months as older loved ones experience higher rates of isolation and loneliness since the pandemic began. Launching operations in Wake County to meet this increased need marks the company’s first expansion outside of Virginia since it was founded and will result in increased support options for Raleigh area residents and job opportunities.

“We are very excited to open Naborforce in the Wake County and Raleigh area as we expand our services to meet the needs of older adults in the region and their loved ones,” said Paige Wilson, CEO and founder of Naborforce. “Today’s announcement that Naborforce is launching its first market in North Carolina means that we will be able to help more families looking for resources to support their parents as they age.”

Driving Naborforce’s model forward is an increased need for support as our country’s population ages and over 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. As a result, for the first time in U.S. history older adults will soon outnumber children. As families grow smaller and more disbursed, the wave of older adults and their family members are now seeking new ways to stay independent and connected. The COVID-19 pandemic has added increased challenges for older adults by escalating isolation and the need for support during a period of time that more and more older adults are expressing a desire to age gracefully and safely in place.

As a solution, the Naborforce platform has been used successfully since 2018 to make meaningful connections happen seamlessly in real life for older adults and their children seeking companionship and on-demand care. Naborforce is driven by a highly vetted and trusted network of compassionate individuals dedicated to making independent, engaged, and joyous aging and living possible for older adults. “Nabors” at Naborforce are compassionate community members motivated by a desire to support the older adults in their communities.

“While there are numerous options for nurses and aides, Naborforce is who to call for help with all those little things that keep older Raleigh residents independent and happy,” said Wilson. “For those with aging parents, we serve as the first and only platform that dispatches back-up sons and daughters on-demand. Whether you’re busy balancing your career, raising kids, live out of town or just need a little support, Naborforce offers peace of mind and comfort knowing that our Nabors are making productive, connected, and joyous aging possible.”

Naborforce is community-based and will begin impacting residents in Raleigh-Wake County area immediately. The company plans to extend its services throughout the Raleigh, Durham, and Triangle area in 2021. In addition, Naborforce plans to grow to additional markets, both in North Carolina as well as outside of the state.

As Naborforce grows, it will add to its network of “Nabors” who are fully vetted, screened, and insured. Residents in the area wishing to easily secure a “Nabor” for on-demand support can visit to connect those in need of an extra hand with those willing to lend one.

About Naborforce:

Based in Richmond, VA, Naborforce is using technology to harness the strength of community. Through their proprietary tech platform, they connect older adults and their family caregivers to a network of fully vetted community members for on-demand light assistance and social connection. For more information,

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  • Pat Palmer says:

    sounds like a wonderful service for us elderly

  • Anne Bedoe says:

    Sounds like something I would like to do . I am a retired nurse and would like to aid support to seniors. I have a car and would be able to take clients to Dr appointments and grocery shopping

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