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Simon Sinek and the Theory of Why

Nabor Collage

I was recently reflecting on Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” as it relates to leadership and instilling WHY in your culture. Our WHY is very clear – Naborforce was founded to bring joy to older adults. It underlies everything we do and will be integral to our culture as we continue to grow. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

We are in a rather unique and enviable position. Our WHY is being promoted every day by our growing corps of Nabors. They are out in the community fostering positive connections, lending a helping hand, and bringing joy to our aging population. But, here’s the thing: while we are very diligent about who we invite to join the platform, the Nabors selected already come with the WHY built-in. It’s not something that can be “developed” or “taught”– it’s who they are; it’s in their soul. All we need to do is provide the proper structure and environment for them to thrive.

As Naborforce expands, it will be incumbent on leadership to make sure our WHY continues to permeate our culture, and having this network of “stewards of our WHY” will further ensure that we succeed.

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