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Six Ways to Spend Memorial Day with a Senior Veteran

Father, grandfather and son grilling together at garden BBQ. Three generations of men at summer family garden party.

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and with it comes a civic duty to remember the true reason behind the holiday – honoring our brave veterans.

At Naborforce, we’re passionate about empowering independent aging in America, and grateful for those seniors who fought in the armed forces to preserve these freedoms.

This Memorial Day, consider taking the time to celebrate Memorial Day with an older veteran in your family or community. Strapped for ideas on how to do that? We’ve compiled a list of awesome ways to enjoy Memorial Day with senior citizens in our guide below.


1. Host a Veterans Appreciation BBQ

Great for family, friends and Neighbors (or Nabors?)

Grab your neighbors, friends, family and put together a classic Memorial Day BBQ with a twist! Whether you have veterans in your family or not, there’s always a way to bring together those brave men and women in your community. You can invite a senior veteran to your BBQ–perhaps they’re your neighbor, co-worker, or a friend-of-a-friend. Treat them to hot dogs, burgers, ice cream and they might treat you to some amazing and inspirational stories.


Older woman waves small American flag smiling at young boy


2. Send a Care Package

A thoughtful gift for our service members overseas.

This can be a really fun one to do together with some friends or grandkids. First, look for an organization that handles care packages for active duty soldiers, such as Any Solider. Donations include Cliff Bars ($15.17 on Amazon), heavy-duty socks, and even pre-used Beanie Babies! (Wondering why? The Beanie Babies are great to share with kids in local communities where soldiers are stationed, plus they don’t break down during shipping).


3. Pick up the Phone and Call a Veteran.

Often times, senior veterans just want to talk!

Sometimes, quality time can be as simple and meaningful as a phone call. Here at Naborforce, we know how much companionship and quality conversation matters as we get older. Wherever they might be across the country, a quick phone call could be the highlight of someone’s day!



Old elderly pensioner man grandfather having videocall conversation meeting virtual conference with his family, grandchildren, children on digital tablet online remotely on distance


4. Attend a Memorial Day Parade with a Veteran.

Is there anyone in your neighborhood that would love to go to the parade but doesn’t have the chance?

A Memorial Day Parade is the perfect way to honor our country without having to do too much planning yourself. Better yet, bring along your favorite veteran. Know of a veteran but don’t have time to take them to a Memorial Day parade? Consider booking a visit through Naborforce to accompany them so that they can enjoy the parade!


5. Wear Red, White, and Blue

Show your American pride to the entire town.

If you have a packed schedule, you might want to consider this easy way to honor those who fought for us on Memorial Day. Simply wearing our nation’s colors can signal to elderly veterans in your community that you appreciate them. It might seem small, but it can make a difference. If you booked a Naborforce visit on or near Memorial Day, this can be a fun way for you and your Nabor to match!


Happy Grandma with Two Girls Looking at Photo Album


6. Create a Memory Book

Don’t worry if you don’t have photos, a good scrapbook can be just stickers and notes!

Gather photos, mementos, and letters from family and friends to create a personalized memory book for a senior veteran. This thoughtful gesture is sure to serve as a cherished keepsake for years to come. You can get started with some scrap paper from Amazon here (remember to purchase an actual scrapbook if you don’t already have one for the paper) or a personalized leather-backed photo album from Etsy.


So there you have it – six awesome ways to spend Memorial Day with a senior veteran. Whether you’re firing up the grill, sharing stories over a memory book, or giving back to those in need, remember to take a moment to express your gratitude to those veterans who fought for our freedom. If you’re feeling like you might have extra time on your hands and want to help out in your community, consider signing up for Naborforce and getting to know the older Americans in your neighborhood. Happy Memorial Day from Naborforce!

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