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The Future is Arriving Now!

2024 is Here

Many companies start the new year by recounting all the achievements and successes they achieved over the prior 12 months. We had more than our fair share, thanks to our clients, Nabors and team members.

But as I reflect on 2023, I am struck by a number of significant external milestones that further convince us at Naborforce that we’re on the right path. It seems others are saying and doing things that validate our purpose and passion for helping older adults with our innovative “Nabors helping older neighbors” service:

  1. Surgeon General’s Report on Loneliness: In the 2023 report, the Surgeon General highlighted the critical impact of loneliness on individuals, emphasizing that connection is essential to overall health. Fostering connections is at the heart of everything we do at Naborforce. We recognize the profound significance of human interaction, and our daily efforts are dedicated to combating loneliness by creating meaningful connections between older adults and our compassionate helpers.
  2. Presidential Statement on Caregiving Toll: President Biden issued a formal statement that sheds light on the toll caregiving takes on families. Naborforce reduces that toll, offering relief by providing crucial backup to caregivers. We help by offering a helping hand and kindness to older loved ones when they need it, making the lives of caregivers easier.
  3. Awakening to the Value of an Older Workforce: The 55+ workforce grew in 2023 and is the only segment where significant growth will occur over the next decade. That’s why organizations are starting to see the potential of an older workforce. At Naborforce, we’ve been championing this cause from the start — our Nabors are predominantly empty nesters and retirees. Our “Golden Intern” program is the first of its kind and empowers older workers to keep using their skills and experiences, showing the value of older people.


Naborforce has been ahead of the curve, championing causes that the world has now begun to recognize as imperative. Our commitment to addressing loneliness, supporting caregivers and harnessing the potential of an older workforce is central to our mission. As the world catches up to these pressing needs, we stand firm in our dedication to lead the way and continue making a profound difference in the lives we touch.

Thank you for being part of our journey as we strive to create a more connected, supportive and inclusive world.

Let’s make 2024 joyful for all!
Paige Wilson


About the Author

Paige Wilson is the founder and CEO of Naborforce, which is all about connecting older adults and their families who need a helping hand with friendly, kind Nabors who are happy to lend one. Learn more about our services by calling 844.MyNabor.





2024 photo by Ricardo Loaiza on Unsplash

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