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The Top 5 Home Care Agencies in Richmond, Virginia

The Top 5 Home Care Agencies in Richmond, Virginia

When it comes to finding the right home care agency for yourself or a loved one in Richmond, Virginia, it’s essential to choose a provider that offers top-notch care, compassion, and reliability. It’s not a secret that the entire industry is currently grappling with care worker shortages and high turnover rates, which makes the search even more critical.

While Virginia has many excellent home care agencies, we’ve done the legwork to identify five agencies that are known for providing exceptional services and dedicating themselves to their clients. In this blog, we’ll explore five exceptional agencies and why they make the cut. But first, let’s familiarize ourselves with home care agencies and the assistance they can provide.


What is Home Care and What Do Agencies Do?

Home care agencies are the unsung heroes that make it possible for individuals to continue living safely and happily in their cherished homes. Their services typically start with an in-home assessment and cater to a wide range of people, including older adults managing chronic illnesses, individuals with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery. You might come across various names for this type of care, such as personal care, companion care, or custodial care, but they all share the same mission: to enhance the quality of life and well-being of those they serve.

The dedicated professionals behind home care services, often Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or Personal Care Assistants (PCAs), bring not only expertise but also a deep sense of compassion to their work. Their goal is to ensure that clients receive the support they need while maintaining their independence and dignity.

It’s important to distinguish home care from home health services, which involve skilled care provided by nurses and doctors. This distinction highlights the diverse spectrum of care options available, all designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of those seeking assistance. So, whether it’s daily companionship, assistance with personal care, or any other form of non-medical support, home care agencies are there to brighten lives and provide the peace of mind individuals and their families deserve.

Here’s a few examples of what home care agencies can help with:

  • Personal care such as bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting.
  • Medication and dosage management.
  • Safety supervision.
  • Specialized care for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or other disabilities.


Top 5 Home Care Agencies in Richmond, Virginia:

Commonwise Home Care

Commonwise takes the lead for several compelling reasons. They’ve mastered the art of selecting caregivers with exceptional care and dedication, leading to a highly qualified and passionate team. While they may charge slightly more than some competitors, this investment allows them to pay higher wages to their caregivers, resulting in considerably lower turnover. The additional advantage of Registered Nurses closely overseeing every care relationship further sets them apart, exemplifying their commitment to excellence and genuine care. Commonwise is a trusted recommendation, made with confidence.

Covenant Home Care

Despite being a smaller agency, Covenant Home Care shines brightly with its hallmark professionalism and experienced caregivers. They offer backup support and feature a straightforward and competitive pricing structure. As a local, independently owned agency, Covenant Home Care provides a personalized touch to their services.

At Home Harmony

At Home Harmony, a relative newcomer to the field but guided by industry veterans, offers a wide spectrum of home and home health services.  These services span from personal care to prescription delivery and even primary care, all supported by their integrated care model specially designed for seniors. Notably, Medicare covers all their services, making them a convenient and reliable choice.

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels, a well-established franchise with a strong national presence, proudly operates as a locally owned and operated branch in Richmond. With 25 years of experience, their commitment to flexible scheduling and 24/7 availability ensures that clients receive care precisely when they need it, making them the ideal choice for individuals with evolving care needs. Their pricing structure empowers clients to customize services within their budget, enhancing the flexibility of care.

Care Advantage

With a robust track record spanning over three decades, Care Advantage has diligently honed its reputation as a leading player in the field of home care. While their roots are in Richmond, Virginia, they have expanded their presence, now serving various regions, including Maryland, Washington D.C., and Delaware. Their extensive workforce allows swift response to new care needs, a distinct advantage. They prioritize family involvement and open communication in care decisions, fostering trust and collaboration.


Not Quite Ready for the Level of Care a Home Care Agency Provides?

For independent older adults who don’t require full-time home care but appreciate the value of occasional assistance, a world of alternative options awaits. When exploring these alternatives, it’s crucial to consider the unique needs and preferences of the individual.

The beauty of these choices lies in their ability to provide essential support while allowing older adults to maintain their cherished independence and relish an active, fulfilling lifestyle:

  • Senior Companionship Services
  • Community-Based Programs
  • Home Modifications
  • Telehealth Services



Selecting the perfect home care agency is a momentous decision, one that has the power to profoundly enhance your or your loved one’s quality of life. Each of the top five home care agencies in Richmond, Virginia mentioned in this blog stands out for its unique approach to care, commitment to compassion, and dedication to enhancing the quality of life for their clients.

Remember, it’s important to consider your specific requirements and preferences when selecting the right agency, but we must say that any of these top five choices in Richmond should provide you with the high-quality care and peace of mind you deserve.


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While Naborforce is not a home care agency and does not provide home care services, our expertise and dedication lie in bridging the gap between independence and home care. We connect seniors with a network of vetted and reliable “Nabors” who are ready to assist with various tasks, from grocery shopping and transportation to help around the home and companionship. 

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Interested in learning more?

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