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A man is riding a bike on a hill.

As featured in:

A man is riding a bike on a hill.

Fostering Connections

Two women wearing face masks in front of a car.

In March, when news spread of a nationwide lockdown, and the need to quarantine and self-isolate, it was a lot to grasp.  The idea of isolating yourself at home likely felt lonely and like the last thing you’d want to do. After all, we are social creatures, and often it’s our family, friends, and community that help us navigate tough times.

Now, eight months into the pandemic, what we’re seeing happen, though, is nearly the opposite of isolation, and loneliness.  While people are physically socially distancing, they are coming together in other ways.  Just because we can’t always be in one another’s immediate vicinity, it’s not stopping us from fostering connections in other ways.  We started seeing stories of those going above and beyond to build and maintain social connections within their communities.  “Drive-by” graduations and weddings are popping up, entire communities come together to applaud front-line workers daily, low-risk individuals offer to run errands for those who didn’t feel safe leaving their homes, thousands of people began making phone calls just to check in on those the most isolated.

Amidst all the uncertainty and ugliness in the world, we are seeing people come together and support each other.  It may have surprised much of the world, but not us at Naborforce.  From the very beginning, we’ve known the importance of these types of connections, and the sheer joy and benefit that they can bring.  We see it in both our Clients and Nabors – – the transformative experience of just being there for each other and for the community.  There is a certain reciprocity of human kindness that touches us. Nabors are here to help with the small things, but it’s those moments of conversation, company and connection that are their greatest gift of all.

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