Naborforce is now in Charlottesville

Les Sinclair speaks with Paige Wilson, founder and CEO of Naborforce (a WINA client), about the company’s concept of connecting aging adults with a network of trusted care providers.

Podcast: Naborforce with Paige Wilson

We all need help at times and retirees are no exception. The difference is that they want to maintain a sense of independence and their families want to ensure their safety. Naborforce intervenes by connecting seniors with screened and caring Nabors who want to assist with small tasks. Listen to Paige Wilson share her entrepreneurial journey.

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Richmond-based startup expands its ‘naborhood’ to Raleigh

With two Virginia markets under its belt, a local startup has expanded yet again — this time out of state. Naborforce, a Lyft-like service that facilitates companionship and other errands for elderly people by matching them with contractors (which the company calls “nabors”), last month began service in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founder and CEO Paige Wilson launched the company in Richmond in 2018, and expanded to Charlottesville in October 2019. The Raleigh area has its own in-market coordinator, who manages the regional workload and helps vet the company’s contractors there. It’s a model borrowed from ride-share company Lyft, and one that’s expected to be replicated as Naborforce continues to enter additional markets.

Richmond-based elderly care startup carefully expands in Charlottesville

Three years, three markets and a pandemic later, Richmond-based startup Naborforce is refocusing its efforts on connecting Charlottesville-area neighbors in need with those who can help. The startup aimed at aiding elderly people and their families expanded its market to Charlottesville in late 2019. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Though founder Paige Wilson initially questioned whether her company would survive, she is pleased to see it grow into new markets — most recently expanding to Raleigh, North Carolina. First founded in 2018, the Naborforce platform connects aging people with its network of employees, or “nabors,” who provide help with non-medical tasks like errands, transportation and help around their homes, along with social engagement.

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Naborforce’s expansion to NC will help the startup reach even more aging adults

After a year of pivots and unexpected changes, Paige Wilson is finally able to reach aging adults outside the Richmond region. Naborforce, founded by Wilson in 2018, connects aging adults to a network of "Nabors" for social engagement and on-demand support with errands, transportation and help around the house. The startup expanded operations to Raleigh last month, a move that was originally planned for 2020 but postponed because of the pandemic. Wilson said the decision to expand into Raleigh first had to do with market fit. Raleigh is about the same size as Richmond with similar demographics, age-dependence ratios, volunteerism ratios and income, she said. "Our model is based on a neighborhood rollout; we take a market like Richmond, and that's one neighborhood — 1 million to 1.5 million people," she said. "We've established a market manager there. This is a trust-based business, and until it's widely understood, we have to have someone in-market."

Company That Links Older Adults to Helpers Wins AARP’s CES Pitch Event

As folks age, they often rely on family members to help with chores, run errands, drive them to the beauty parlor or doctor, prepare meals, even sometimes reprogram their remote controls. But what do older adults do when family isn't around to lend a hand? Richmond, Virginia, startup Naborforce, has come up with a solution to connect older people to a network of vetted and insured community members it calls “Nabors.” These Nabors are largely empty nesters, schoolteachers and retirees who are eager to help on demand. Founder and Chief Executive Paige Wilson says such Nabors are people “seeking purpose and connections in their own lives.” They also can earn some extra income.

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Richmond startup company Naborforce, which connects seniors with helpers, expands into Raleigh, N.C., market

The Richmond-based startup company Naborforce is seeing a rebound in demand from the COVID-19 downturn and has expanded into a new market area, with plans to add several more markets in the next year. Founded by entrepreneur Paige Wilson in 2018, Naborforce is seeking to address the challenges posed by the nation’s aging population demographics. The company created an online platform that connects seniors and homebound individuals who need help with vetted people called “Nabors” who earn some extra cash by providing neighborly services such as grocery shopping, meal preparation and light household chores, along with companionship. Naborforce started out in the Richmond market and then expanded to Charlottesville before the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to slow its growth early last year.

NaborForce: A new program that encourages neighbors helping neighbors; our conversation with its Founder

WRAL Anchor and Reporter Ken Smith talks with NaborForce founder Paige Wilson about its services to help seniors with everyday tasks as well as companionship as the service expands to the Triangle region.

Naborforce Expands Operations to Raleigh-Wake County Area to Meet Increased Demand for Social Engagement and Support for Older Adults

Naborforce, a fast-growing company designed to connect aging adults to a network of trusted care providers for companionship and on-demand support, announced today that it will expand its geographic reach in March by adding services in the Raleigh-Wake County area. The demand for social engagement, care, and support provided by Naborforce, which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, has nearly tripled in the past six months as older loved ones experience higher rates of isolation and loneliness since the pandemic began.

Naborforce provides assistance to seniors while forging new friendships

Paige Wilson is convinced people crave human connection and in some cases, she believes it can be life-saving. That belief is at the center of an organization she created in 2018, after caring for her aging mom who wanted to stay in her own home. She realized there was a gap in resources for older adults who don't need medical care, but still need assistance in other ways. She founded Naborforce, a resource for older adults and families.

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Richmond Inno’s Startups to Watch in 2021

Naborforce, founded in 2018 by Paige Wilson, connects aging adults to a network of "Nabors" for social engagement and on-demand support with errands, transportation and help around the house. The startup spent much of 2020 in a major pivot from in-person work due to Covid-19 but was but eventually able to regain its footing. It was named to Richmond's 2020 Inno on Fire list in the Tech and Software category. In September, Naborforce announced it was chosen as one of 10 startups to participate in the Techstars Future of Longevity accelerator program, which wrapped up earlier this month.

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Startup Spotlight: Naborforce lands spot in prestigious business accelerator

After the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in its operations in the spring, the Richmond-based startup Naborforce is now getting back to work and has earned a spot in a prestigious, international business accelerator program.

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Why America Needs More Innovation in Eldercare

We are two people from the tech sector who believe in its power to change lives. We're also two of the millions of Americans who have witnessed the challenges of caring for elderly family members--challenges that could have been alleviated through innovation.

Pivotal Ventures

10 Startups to Kick-Off New Accelerator Focused on Solutions for Older Americans

Pivotal Ventures and Techstars announced today the first 10 companies that will participate in the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator. The 13-week program will provide resources, mentorship, and training to entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to address the unmet needs of older Americans and their caregivers.


Techstars Future of Longevity Class of 2020

Techstars is delighted to announce the inaugural class for the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator, in partnership with Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates to advance social progress in the United States.

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‘Inspired by Joy:’ Naborforce utilizes technology and gig economy to help senior citizens

Paige Wilson likes to say that her startup company Naborforce is “inspired by Joy.” It’s a slogan that honors her mother, Joy. “She was a vibrant woman,” Wilson said.

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Naborforce Looks Next Door to Promote Aging-in-Place

September 13, 2018

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Like a good ‘nabor,’ new Richmond startup is there

Just as Uber gives nearly anyone with a car a chance to become a driver for a hire, a new local startup aims to give those with spare time a chance to make a buck by being a helpful neighbor. Naborforce launched last month in Shockoe Bottom to connect aging Richmonders to its network of helpers, or “nabors,” who provide on-demand assistance with non-medical tasks such as errands, transportation, help around the home and social engagement.


Naborforce start up looks to promote community caregiving

As our family members get older, sometimes they need some help, but with all of our busy lives, sometimes we need assistance ourselves in taking care of our senior loved ones. A new local startup called Naborforce is stepping in with a solution.